YOUTH LAB has a range of advanced skin care products aimed at improving the basic functions of the epidermis metabolism, gradually building a youthful-looking skin.

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Greek dermocosmetics that awakens your skin metabolism

As we get older our skin’s metabolism rates decrease, as well as its qualitative and quantitative elements. Every year, more and more biological functions are lost along the way.

Due to age and exposure to constant environmental hazards such as pollution, smoke and sun, our systems begin to underperform, resulting in slower cell communication and the appearance of imperfections such as dullness, dark spots and of course, wrinkles.

In collaboration with acclaimed Greek experts in the field of cosmetics from independent research laboratories, YOUTH LAB has developed technologically advanced formulas with natural, herbal, biological and synthetic active ingredients, with the aim of improving the skin’s metabolic activity.

YOUTH LAB’s product range includes skin cleansing, moisturising and anti-ageing formulas, masks, body care products and sunscreens, covering all skin needs.